10 May 2011

Wesak Message from Nalanda Buddhist Society

Dear Venerables, brothers and sisters,

Happy Wesak B.E. 2555!  This year’s celebration is most significant as it marks the 2,600th Anniversary since our Great Teacher’s Enlightenment in 588 BCE.

We at Nalanda are observing this anniversary with high spirits and renewed vigour to learn, practise, and propagate the Dhamma!  The Nalanda Institute has planned a series of special programmes including the inaugural dialogue between Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions on their respective “Path to Liberation”, on 22 May.

WACANA Buddhist Conference returns on 31 July this year with the theme “The Buddha Word - Its Social Relevance & Application Today”.  The Institute is also collaborating with the Buddhist Education Mission headed by Bro Dr Tan Ho Soon to explore the history of Buddhism in Malaysia at a Symposium in Bujang Valley, Kedah on 16-17 September.

These events, coupled with our regular free programmes and courses, will be our way of emphasizing the importance and beneficence of Buddha-Dhamma to contemporary society.  As much of the world today is engulfed in strife, the Dhamma seems the perfect panacea for those unwittingly caught up with greed, anger and delusion, and their resulting suffering.

We at Nalanda would like to thank you for your generous support towards the Buddhist cause all these years.  We rejoice in your meritorious deeds, and pray that you’ll be continuously blessed with good health, success and happiness.

Wishing you peace in your hearts, and bliss in your lives.

With mettā,
The Management & Members,
Nalanda Buddhist Society