04 May 2011

1 May 2011 - 8th Anniversary of Nalanda Buddhist Society

Buddhist devotional practice :
we offer water, light, flowers and fruits to recollect and reflect on the Buddha's Teachings.
After the morning chanting, we sat for meditation to calm our minds.
During the Installation Ceremony for the current management committee,
Mr. Lee Kong Foo, the President of Nalanda Buddhist Society, shared about the need
for Buddhist societies to transform in order to serve the modern community effectively.

Bro. HS Tan, the Founder of Nalanda Buddhist Society, mentioned that
one who is visionary and focus on the wholesome results will
strive with noble intention and right effort regardless of challenging situations or criticism. 

Ven. Saranankara gave a speech and congratulated Nalanda for its 8th Anniversary.

In the presence of Bro. Tan, the Management Committee members, led by Mr. Lee,
recited the Oath of Office and pledged to serve the Buddhist community with integrity and commitment.

Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama, the Director of Nalanda Institute gave his felicitation speech.

Sis. Sunanda, the Director of Nalanda Vidyalaya gave her felicitation speech.

1 May 2011 also marked the 1st Anniversary of the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA). 
Photo : The prize-giving ceremony for BCA T-shirt Design Competition. 
Dr. Chook (on the right) from BMSM Kajang Centre was the first chairman of BCA.
Starting May 2011, Mr. Lee takes over as chairman of the BCA from Sis. Paruadi from Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society.
Ven. Saranankara unveiled the panel on "History of the Pali Canon" at Pustaka Nalanda.

The panels on 'History of Buddhism in Malaysia' were unveiled.

Bro. Tan explained the existence of several Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms in Malaysia from the 3rd to 13th Centuries CE. 
These include the discovery of artifacts like votive tablet, inscriptions and stone Buddha images.

After the ceremony, we all gathered to offer lunch dana to the Sangha members.