15 May 2011

15 May 2011 - Day 1, Wesak Observance

Happy Wesak B.E. 2555
"Heart at PEACE, World in BLISS"

We performed morning puja and chanting to invoke our reverence towards
the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Students of Nalanda Vidyalaya performed 2 hymns - "The Dharma Shines in Me" and "Wesak Dawn".
Lighting of candles marks the beginning of Wesak 2011 celebration.
Ven. Somanananda Thero from Sri Lanka gave a Dhamma talk on "The Dhamma Prevails".
Another two monks were Ven. Dhamminda (middle) and Ven. Saranajoti.
The giving of blood signifies the giving of life.  Sadhus to all the blood donors.
The giving of food signifies the giving of strength.  Sadhus to all the food givers.
After lunch dana, the three reverends were shown to the Tipitaka Hall which encases three sets of Tipitaka.
Bro. Chih Fung showed the reverends the existence of several Buddhist kingdoms in Malaysia.
Nearing the "Sanchi Gateway", the reverends were about to enter the exhibition hall.
The theme of this year's exhibition is "The Journey of Dhammaraja".
"This is the replica of the Asoka Pillar".
From 3 - 6pm, the course "True Significance of Wesak" was held
to inform the Buddhists on why we observe Wesak. 
Sayalay Yasavati visited us on the first day of Wesak celebration at Nalanda.

Dear friends, we will continue to observe and celebrate Wesak 2011 on 16 & 17 May 2011.

Below is the programme on 16 May 2011, Monday:

7.00am   Breakfast dana
10.00am Buddha Jayanti 2600 Exhibition ( from 10am - 6pm)
11.00am Lunch dana
3.00pm   On-hour peaceful group meditation
7.30pm   Metta meditation
8.00pm   Evening puja and chanting
8.30pm   Mandarin Dhamma talk
9.30pm   Blessing and Tansference of merits

We welcome all to come and join us in our Wesak activities and programmes.

Happy Wesak 2011!