18 April 2011

17 April 2011 - Service Sunday

Ten students from Kolej Teknologi Timur Buddhist Society visited Nalanda Centre for the first time.
Bro. HS Tan explained to the students the glorious history of Buddhism in Malaya.
Bro. Tan shared with the students the message of the Buddha
recorded in the Tipitaka (the Buddhist scriptures).
The students turned to look at the five stone slabs in the shrine hall. 
These signify Panca Bala, the Five Spiritual Strength (Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration, Wisdom)
which helps one to cross the ocean of samsara.
Ven. Kassapa administered the three refuges and the five or eight precepts to the congregation.
After the morning puja and chanting, Ven. Kassapa proceed to conduct the one-day meditation practice. 
The members and devotees offered lunch dana to Ven. Kassapa.
The volunteers served the meditators joyfully and mindfully.
During the Service Sunday, the school facilitators and parents gathered to
discuss and prepare for the coming Wesak.

"Though one should live a hundred years idle and inactive, yet better, indeed, is a single day's life of one who makes an intense effort".

Dhammapada v. 112