13 April 2011

10 April 2011 - Nalanda Walkathon

We woke up early in the morning to register ourselves for the walkathon in aid of education fund.
The 5-kilometre route for all walkers in Taman Sri Serdang.
We were doing warming up exercise to prepare the body and mind for the walk.
We moved and stretched our muscles - to increase blood flow which increases
the delivery of oxygen to our working muscles.
Mr. Lee Kong Foo, President of Nalanda Buddhist Society
raised the flag to start the walkathon at 8am.
With mental discipline, we remembered that it was walkathon and not jogathon or marathon.
Leisurely we walked and enjoyed the morning breeze.
"Thanks, mum, because of you, I can take part in this walkathon
(though I am on the baby stroller)."
"I will move on despite the increasing surrouding temperature."
"Yes, I am reaching the finishing line ..."
The young boy put in effort to reach the final point.
"Ha! I will endure.  Just a few more steps to the finishing line."
Mr. Lee Kong Foo presented the prizes to the Champion of Category A ( Men 5km Walk ).
Mr. Lee Teck Beng, Vice President of Nalanda Buddhist Society,
presented the prizes to the Champion of Category B ( Women 5km Walk ).
Sis. Margaret Ng, the Secretary of the event,
presented the prizes to the Champion of Category C ( Boys 5km Walk ).
Bro. Tan Thian Khoon, the event manager,
presented the prizes to the Champion of Category D ( Girls 5km Walk ).

A family of walkers.  This is a testimony of our fervent participation in the event. 
Yes, this morning made our day!