25 April 2011

23 April 2011 - Leadership & Management Course

LMS275 Effective Management of Human Capital in Buddhist Organisation
Course Lecturer : Mr. Tan Huat Chye

 Below is the course outline : 
Managing Buddhist Organisation Today : Reality and Challenges
The 8-Factor of Effective Management of Organisation
Leadership in Human Capital Management
Leadership in Buddhist Organisation : Nature vs Nurture; Chance vs Choice
The 4-Factor Model of Leadership Effectiveness in Creating a Climate of Excellence

Bro. Tan, the Founding Director of Nalanda Institute was invited to give an
opening remark before the commencement of the course.

Bro. Cheah, the Secretary of Seremban Sudhamma Buddhist Organisation
introduced himself during the ice-breaking session.
The participants were distributed into groups of seven for discussions.
The group members discussed the two topics :
1. three main challenges that Buddhist organisations are facing today, and
2. the causes that contribute to the challenges.
After discussions, group representatives presented their group findings.
Photo : Sis. Ping Su was presenting the results of her group discussion.