12 July 2009

Nalanda Community Service Initiative 2009

Warmest Greetings from Nalanda!

As part of our Community Service Initiative for 2009, Nalanda is embarking on a project to green the environment in Sri Serdang. We intend to build a public garden on the road shoulder along Jalan 18/42 Taman Sri Serdang (between Nalanda Dharma Centre and Nalanda House). The greening project will be divided into two phases :

Phase 1
Dates : 22 & 23 August 2009, Saturday-Sunday (School Holidays)
Construction of brick-work planters box with perimeter measuring 50 metres. Volunteers are needed to lay bricks and other related works between 8am & 10am, and 5pm & 7pm for those two days.

Used (recycled) red bricks will be laid with mortar by volunteers to form the planters' box. Earth will be spread and leveled in the box therafter. If you have old or unused red bricks at home or in your neighbourhood, kindly donate them to this project. You may send your bricks to Nalanda House before 22 August. We need around 1,200 old red bricks for the box.

Phase 2
Dates :
19 & 20 September 2009, Saturday-Sunday
Tree and shrub-planting. Volunteers are needed between 8am & 10am, and 5pm & 7pm for those two days to plant trees and shrubs in the planters box and along roads in the vicinity of Nalanda, in Taman Sri Serdang.

For further enquiries on this project, please call Sis Visakha at 016-238-0023 or Sis Wai Chin at 03-8948-8055.

Following Nalanda's yearly Community Service Initiative since 2004, this is another wonderful opportunity for all of us to commit and contribute towards a healthy living environment for all beings. Hence, we invite yourself, your family members and friends to join us in this project and share with us the joy of greening the world!

Thank you!

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