13 March 2012

Weekly Programme Update (12-18 March 2012)

Children's Learning Camp for aged 10 to 12 years
"Gratitude & Appreciation" a Three-Day-Two-Night Camp at Nalanda Centre
Date: 12 - 14 March 2012, Monday to Wednesday
* Camp is on-going at the Nalanda Centre!

Teenagers' Learning Camp for aged 13 to 17 years
"The Joy of Learning" a Four-Day-Three-Night Camp at Nalanda Centre
Date: 15 - 18 March 2012, Thursday to Sunday
* Registration is required. Please click here for more details.
** Encourage your teenage child to join this camp and be inspired to enjoy learning!

Nalanda Patron's Day
Date: 18 March 2012, Sunday
Time: 9am - 12pm
Venue: Level 1, Nalanda Centre

 9.00am - Meditation
 9.15am - Puja
 9.45am - Dhamma Sharing by Bro. H.S. Tan
11.00am - Sanghika Dana
11.30am - Lunch for devotees

This Sunday marks an annual Nalanda event to honour and acknowledge all our donors, benefactors and volunteers, who have worked tirelessly and contributed immensely to the evolution of Nalanda over the years. On this day, we will offer puja for the well-being of all who have supported us, past and present. We will also transfer merits to those who have departed.

18 March was chosen as the day to commemorate our benefactors because it is the anniversary of the birth of our late spiritual adviser, the Most Venerable Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thero.

We welcome all to join us on this day. May the merits accrued by our benefactors lead them to liberation from suffering. May all beings be well and happy.