02 December 2011

Read a Dhamma book today

Title : Mindfulness with Breathing ( A Manual for Serious Beginners )
Author : Venerable Buddhadasa Bhikkhu
Translator : Venerable Santikaro Bhikkhu
ISBN : 978-0-86171-111-6

This book contains step-by-step guidance and explanation on how to be mindful with our breathing when we are meditating, with reference to Ānāpānasati Sutta.

"Please investigate the truths within yourself, within this body and mind that you imagine to be yourself.  Within each of us, various natures are compounded into a body, into a being. And there is the natural law that controls these natures.  Further, according to the law of nature, there are the duties that must be performed correctly. Lastly, there are the results of the performance of these duties. If one's duties are performed correctly, the result will be well-being, tranquility, and ease.  If they are performed incorrectly, the result will be dukkha, unsatisfactoriness, anguish, pain and frustration..."

Pustaka Nalanda
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