30 November 2011

4 December 2011 - Service Sunday

"Integrity Begets Respect" - this is the topic of the dhamma sharing during the Service Sunday on 4 December 2011. Integrity is living by righteous means, principles and values; respect is being respectful of our elders, teachers, fellow practitioners, and all sentient beings. How can someone with integrity beget respect? Find out more this Sunday.

We have invited Bro. Tan Siang Chye to share on this topic. Bro. Siang Chye holds a Bachelor's and a Masters degree in design. At present, he works at Taylor's Design School. He is also a lecturer in Philosophy of Education at Nalanda Institute. Besides he serves as the head of the Dhammaduta sub-committee at Subang Jaya Buddhist Association.

The Service Sunday will start at 9am. The dhamma sharing will start after a short sitting meditation, puja and chanting.

We welcome all to attend.