17 December 2011

19 & 20 December 2011 - Dhamma Talks

Venue : Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang [ Map ]

19 December 2011, Monday, 8pm
Dhamma talk by Ven. Ajahn Kusalo

Profile of Ajahn Kusalo :
(ref : http://www.bodhikusuma.com/metta/ajahn_kusalo.html)
Ajahn Kusalo originally from New Zealand, spent much of his lay life in the building industry.  In 1990, he moved to a monastery in Wellington, New Zealand and ordained as a monk in 1992.  He spent five years there before moving to Amaravati in England. During that six-year stay, in addition to his regular monastic duties, he was very involved in family and youth activities, developing a range of educational resources.  After he was on the road for a couple of years around Europe, he then went back to New Zealand for a year. The last two years have been spent in Canada mainly in Toronto and a Forest Hermitage south of Thunder Bay
We invite you to offer dana to Ajahn on 20 December 2011, Tuesday, 9am. 

20 December 2011, Tuesday, 8pm
Dhamma Lecture by Bro. Aruna K. Gamage
“Khuddakanikāya – Its Relevance in the Academic Study of the Pāli Canon”

Profile of Bro. Aruna :
Bro. Aruna is a Researcher for the Dhammachai Tipitaka Project based in Thailand. He is also the teaching assistant and a PhD candidate in Graduate School of Buddhist Studies, International Buddhist College, Thailand. He obtained his MPhil Degree in Pāli, MA Degree in Buddhist Studies and First Class Honour BA Special Degree in Pāli from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. He has also given lectures in Sri Lankan renowned universities.

During his educational and scholastic involvements, he has received various academic awards, authored books and published various research papers, mainly on Pāli, Tipitaka & Commentaries, Sub-Commentaries, Hybrid Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit.

[For a brief report of his first dhamma lecture at Nalanda on 21 August 2011, please click here]