22 August 2011

21 August 2011 - Lecture by Bro. Aruna K. Gamage

Upon recommendation, we have invited Bro. Aruna to give a lecture on "Buddhism According to the Pali Canon" at Nalanda Centre on 21 August 2011, 3 - 5pm. 

It was indeed a memorable learning session for all who have attended the lecture.  Besides his sincere appreciation towards the Buddha-Dhamma found in the Pali Tipitaka as shown from his presentation and his fluency in Pali and Sankrit languages, he has also brought out the poetic beauty of both the languages.

At the conclusion of Bro. Aruna's trip to Nalanda this round, Bro. HS Tan, the Founding Director of Nalanda Institute, reminded us of the amazing power of the mind to learn many different things, just like Bro. Aruna has mastered the languages of Vedas, Pali and Sanskrit.