22 August 2011

21 August 2011 - Service Sunday & Memorial Service

Service Sunday started with meditation, puja and chanting.
Hymns singing by students of Nalanda Dharma School. 
2 songs "Dhamma Shines in Me" and "Cradled in the Buddha's Arms" were performed.
Bro. Tan gave a speech in memory of the late Sis. Tan Guat Gnoh, Sis. Julie Ang,
Sis. Jennie Cheong and Sis. Lee Ah Yem who passed away in Ladakh in 2009.
Bro. Charlie Chia who led the tour to Ladakh in 2009 gave a memorial speech.
Pouring of water symbolises the transference of merit to departed relatives or friends who can receive it.

The Service Sunday resumed after the Memorial Service.
Sis. Low Mi Yen gave a talk on "Synergy".