23 November 2011

Vote for a Good Cause : Nalanda Free School Project

Dear Friends,

Warmest greetings!

The Nalanda Free School (NFS) Project was initiated in June 2010 with a few experimental tuition classes taught by volunteers. The objective of NFS is to provide quality teaching by caring tutors, and offer personal attention to aid student’s learning and comprehension. In January 2011, after receiving encouraging response from students and parents, we increased the number of classes to 22. NFS currently has 25 volunteer tutors providing free academic tuition classes for 391 primary and secondary school students weekly. In addition, NFS organizes seminars, workshops, and camps to further enhance learning ability and development of these needy students.

In a bid to expand our services to the public and bring NFS to the next level of excellence, we require additional funding and sponsorship. NFS is currently trying to raise funds from the Magnum “Youth-in-Charge” eCSR program. For every Ringgit raised through our own fundraising initiative, Magnum will top up an equal amount, i.e. a dollar-for-dollar fund contribution.

Magnum’s evaluation team has identified 4 big projects and 2 smaller projects worthy of support. We are glad to inform that NFS is one of the 4 big meritorious projects shortlisted. However, in order to be selected as a winning project for the “Youth-in-Charge” program, NFS needs to pass through the online public voting. Projects with the most votes will be the final recipients of this funding.

Kindly help NFS to realize its aspirations by registering as a voter for the Magnum “Youth-in-Charge” program. Just follow the few simple steps as stated below:

Step 2 : Fill in the online registration form and click ‘Register’.
Step 3 : Logon to your email account, retrieve the email from Magnum Cares and click on the ‘link’ embedded in the email body to activate your account.
Step 4 : Once activation is completed, click on vote icon.
Step 5 : Cast your vote for B8-Nalanda Free School Project.

Please take note that each voter is required to vote for 2 big projects and 1 small project and rank them in order of preference. The project that a voter ranks 1st will receive 4 points, and the 2nd in ranking will receive 2 points.

Voting is open from 22 November 2011 to 9 December 2011. Your participation in the voting process is very much appreciated. Do help to disseminate this email to your immediate circle of families and friends who may be supportive of the project.

Thank you for your kind support!

With gratitude,
Sis. Nandini Tan
Nalanda Free School Project