24 November 2011

27 November 2011 - Service Sunday

Riding on the monthly theme of 'Integrity', we have invited Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama to share with us Kataññu Sutta - Gratitude, in relation to person with or without integrity. He will speak during the Service Sunday on 27 November 2011.

Mr. Vijaya is a prominent figure in the Buddhist circle, well-known for his jovial and humorous personality. Besides being the patron of the Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, he is also the Director of Nalanda Institute. He has presented Malaysia in numerous Buddhist conventions and conferences, both locally and abroad. He has also given numerous inspiring dhamma talks throughout Malaysia, in Singapore and Australia.

The Service will start at 9.00am with meditation and puja. We welcome all to join us for this Sunday morning community gathering.