18 November 2011

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book Title: How to Train a Wild Elephant & Other Adventures in Mindfulness
Author: Jan Chozen Bays
Topic: Meditation

Mindfulness can reduce stress, improve physical health and improve our overall quality of life. Though it is being acknowledged as such, people still say, “I’d love to practise mindfulness, but I’m so busy I can’t seem to find the time.”

In this book, the author, Jan Chozen Bays will show us a series of simple practices to help us cultivate mindfulness as we go about our ordinary, daily lives. Exercises include : taking three deep breaths before answering the phone, noticing and adjusting your posture throughout the day, eating mindfully, and leaving no trace of yourself after using the kitchen or bathroom. Each exercise is presented with tips, reminders, and short life lessons.

“In a brilliant, practical, and elegant way, Bays has answered the question most frequently asked by students of meditation, ‘How do I bring this practice into my daily life?’ Here is a jewel box of insightful, wise, beautiful, and compassionate ways to do so.” – Jack Kornfield

Pustaka Nalanda
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