15 November 2011

20 November 2011 - Service Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Service Sunday will resume on 20 November 2011, 9am at Nalanda Centre.

Besides meditation, puja and chanting, we have invited Bro. Benny Liow to give a Dhamma sharing on Sappurisa Sutta from Majjhima Nikaya No. 113, to further elaborate on the theme - "Integrity".

Bro. Benny Liow is the editor of the Buddhist magazine, Eastern Horizon, and author/compiler of six other publications on different aspects of Buddhism. He graduated from both Universiti Sains Malaysia and University of Malaya, and is now employed as the Executive Director of a leading multi-national corporation.

We invite you to come and learn about the Buddha's teaching on the characters of a true man and the characters of an untrue man.