21 October 2011

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book Title : Concept of Great Man (Mahāpurisa) in Buddhist Literature and Iconography
Author : Ven. Dr. Bellanwila Wimalaratana Thera
Topic : Philosophy
Status : Available at Pustaka Nalanda

This book is about a study of the origin and development of the Mahāpurisa (Great Man) concept in Buddhism. This book consists of 7 chapters below :

Chapter 1: The Concept of Mahāpurisa
Chapter 2: Development of the Mahāpurisa Cencept and the Mahāyāna Theory of Trikāya
Chapter 3: The Mahāpurisa as Buddha and Cakkavatti
Chapter 4: The Thirty-two Characteristics
Chapter 5: Iconographical Representations of the Thirty-two Characteristics
Chapter 6: Ethical Foundation of the Mahāpurisa Concept
Chapter 7: Conclusion

Pustaka Nalanda
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