06 September 2011

Taman Sari - Nandanavana - A garden by all, for all

“When I am stressed or tired, I like to sit on the bench under the trees to relax,” says Mdm. Asotha who operates a shop next to the Nalanda Centre.

Mdm. Asotha likes gardening, too. She is happy to see a little garden thriving in the area. She helps to keep it clean, and water and trim the plants during her free time.

In the evenings, there are other residents who spend their time resting and relaxing there as well.

Taman Sari - Nandanavana means a garden of joyful delight.  It will be a garden by all, for all.

Remember to come and join us in the tree planting activity on 11 September 2011, Sunday, 11am.