24 September 2011

16 - 18 September 2011 - Symposium on Buddhism in Malaysia

DAY 1 : 16 September 2011, Friday
Traveling & Lecture 1
While we stopped over in Ipoh, we invited devotees from the Ipoh Buddhist Dhamma Association to join us for lunch and fellowship.

And the rest is definitely more than a glimpse into the ancient past…

Besides learning the Rise and Fall of Malayan Buddhist Polities – Srivijaya, Kedah and Langkasuka, we were also rekindled with ancient civilisations which are part of the legacy of the human race.

With his amazing ability to memorise the details and his skilful ways to elaborate on the chain of events, Bro. HS Tan brought us back to the past, relating the influence of Roman, Indian and Chinese civilisations to the rise and fall of various ancient kingdoms in Southeast Asia, e.g. Kedah, Langkasuka, Funan, Malayu (Jambi) and Srivijaya.

 At Gurun Buddhist Association, 8 -10pm

Lecture 1 : "The Rise of Srivijaya and other Malayan Buddhist Polities".

The audience from Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Perlis and Kuala Lumpur attended the lecture. 

Mr. Vijaya, the Director of Nalanda Institute, presented the souvenir to Mr. Khaw, the President of Gurun Buddhist Association for co-organising the Symposium.

To many of us, during the two lectures, and the visits to the archaeological sites, history, geography, geology and other fields of study were no longer as dull as what they used to be during the school days.

With more understanding and appreciation towards the ancient civilisations, the rich archaeological sites of Bujang Valley are no longer a mere myriad of stone foundations but a whole ‘complex’ or ‘town’ which comes alive, wanting to show us its glorious past.

Day 2 : 17 September 2011, Saturday
Archaeological Site Visits & Lecture 2

Explanation about the foundation of an archaeological site in Bujang Valley.

The entourage visited the Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum.

The group photo at the Bujang Valley.

The latest discovery of an archaeological site at Sg Batu, dated back to AD110, and has proven the oldest ever establishment of Buddhism in Southeast Asia.

At Central Kedah Buddhist Association, 8 - 10pm

Central Kedah Buddhist Association was another co-organiser of the Symposium.
Speech by the President, Mr. Chong.

Lecture 2 : “The Decline of Srivijaya and the Disappearance of Buddhist Polities in the Malay Peninsula”
The audience from Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perlis, Perak and Kuala Lumpur.

Day 3 : 18 September 2011, Sunday
Visit to Sammaditthi Meditation Grove

Our contribution to the meditation grove in supporting the construction of the new building. 

We hope that this Symposium has created awareness about the existence of many Malayan Buddhist Polities across the Malaysian Archipelago from the 3rd to 13th Centuries CE.  And let us share this historical imprint with our Dhamma friends so that everyone can have a deeper appreciation towards the history of Buddhism in Malaysia.

From all of us in the entourage,
Appreciation and Gratitude to Bro. HS Tan, Uncle Vijaya, Charlie, Joanne, Sandy, Gurun Buddhist Association, Central Kedah Buddhist Association, and all sponsors and benefactors for making this Symposium a success.

The group with the magnificent view of Gunung Jerai as the background setting.