28 October 2010

30 & 31 October 2010 - Weekend at Nalanda

Nalanda Institute is organizing a course on Mentoring for Leaders in this weekend. The course is suitable for people who wish to develop their mentoring skills at any level in Buddhist organizations as well as individuals who are interested in this topic.

LMS 3732 Mentoring for Leaders
Trainer : Dr. Ong See Yew
[Dr. Ong has been active in Dhamma propagation since he was a student. While studying in UK, he was the Vice Chairman of the Buddha’s Light International Association Manchester Chapter. He is currently the President of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, Vice President of World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth and the Chief Coordinator for the Eight Major Chinese-based Youth Organisations in Malaysia. He is the Director and Trainer for several Buddhist youth leadership and motivational programmes. As an acknowledgement to his leadership qualities and achievements, he was awarded the “Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians” in 2009.]

Date : 31 October 2010, Sunday
Time : 3 – 6pm
Venue : Nalanda Centre

Course Outline:
1. Overview of mentoring system (its goals, techniques, process & challenges)
2. Case Study
3. Discussion

Learning Outcomes:
1. know/understand various mentoring method/system in practice
2. identify challenges while mentoring/being mentored

Delivery Method:
1. Q&A session
2. Sharing and Discussion base on experience

Register with us if you would like to participate in the course.
Kindly include your full name and contact no. in your email.

Other programmes at Nalanda:

BPS 301 Certificate in Buddhist Studies
Tutor : Bro. Ananda Fong
30 October 2010, Saturday, 3 – 6pm

Metta Learning Group
30 October 2010, Saturday, 3 – 4pm
This is a special education project to impart basic values to children with autism.
There are five families participating in this weekly programme.

Service Sunday
31 October 2010, Sunday, 9 – 11am
Programme : Morning puja, chanting, meditation, gotong-royong

For details or enquiries, please call Sis. Santi or Nandini at 03-8938-1500.