06 September 2010

9 October 2010 - GLITZ & GLAMOUR “歌舞今宵”

Nalanda 佛教会很荣幸的能与 Dama Orchestra 一起合作为大家带来旧上海时代歌音乐剧,为Nalanda 佛教会慈善筹资教育及发展基金。

GLITZ & GLAMOUR “歌舞今宵”音乐剧将在2010年10月9日晚上八时十五分在吉隆坡表演艺术中心隆重演出。届时实力的唱将班在台上载歌载舞,厚实的唱功及精彩的舞蹈,肯定让观众看得过瘾。

我们在此邀请您共同支持慈善音乐剧,为佛教教育作出崇高的贡献。更多详情或订购入场票请联系我们的活动协调员李广富 012-202-3620 或 陈明葑 03-8938-1500 / 1501。

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With illustrious records from the past performances, Dama Orchestra is staging another entertaining musical show to support Nalanda’s educational initiative for our community. It would be a night with glitzy and glamorous performance featuring Broadway-styled Chinese songs and dance acts.

Take this opportunity and purchase ticket(s) for your family members for a musical get-together. You may also purchase tickets for your employees as a form of reward or motivation, and recommend this charitable musical show to your acquaintances, e.g customers or suppliers. Any forms of assistance for Buddhist education is very much appreciated.

So, purchase the tickets, sit back and be ready to be entertained by the nostalgic Tales of Old Shanghai to Fragrance Bay.

Note : We can be contacted at 012-202-3620 (Mr. Lee Kong Foo) or 03-8938-1500 (Sis. Nandini Tan).