24 September 2010

23 September 2010 - Book Sharing Session

The book sharing on "Money, Sex, War, Karma : Notes for a Buddhist Revolution" by its author, Dr. David R. Loy was a lively and enlightening session for most of the participants.  The author spoke about the danger when 'I' was involved in perceiving money, sex and war.  Besides he also talked about the danger of collective or institutionalized greed, hatred and delusion of which the society is churning continuously without realising its seriousness.  The participants had opportunities to discuss with the author, and exchange views on revolutionary Buddhist approaches to various aspects of life.

The book sharing session by its author, Dr. David R. Loy was moderated by Dr. Lam Chih Fung from Pustaka Nalanda. 

An active Q & A session between the participants and the speaker.

"When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that's wisdom.  When I look outside and see that I am everything, that's love.  Between these two my life turns." - Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Dr. Lam explaining some unique features of the World Pali Tipitaka set to Dr. Loy.

A meeting of two well-known lecturers, Dr. HS Tan and Dr. Loy, both are well-versed in the study of Buddhism.