20 September 2010

19 September 2010 - Gardening Day

We thank all of you who have come to Nalanda on Sunday, 19 September, to share the works of gardening, and would like to call on everyone to recognise the value that this greening effort has for our community.

Trees or plants help to clean our air; they give off oxygen and help to absorb carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gases which is emitted into the air as humans exhale, burn fossil fuels for energy, and deforest the planet), and thus reducing global warming.

Besides, tree planting is a symbol of optimism for the future, a gesture of hope that through proper nurturing of young ones with knowledge, skills and values, each individual will gradually undergo a change of heart for the better – a change preceded by an understanding of our station in life and the purpose within it through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values.

Last but not least, with the wholesome thought and deed performed on this day, we would like to share the merits acquired with Bro. Tan for initiating this foreward-looking project at Nalanda, as well as with all who share the same interest and concern. 

Physical warming up led by the Vidyalaya's students - Clement, DiSheng, RuiEn and Yuan Zhan.

With water and other necessities for plant-growing, we hope that the bamboo trees grow well.  With the wholesome thought, blessing verses were recited afterward.

These are the 5 bamboo trees that we have planted at the corner of the soccer field in front of Nalanda Centre.

Besides planting bamboo, there were also maintaining and tidying up works at the planter boxes which we have built in 2009.

Happily we work, serving not ourselves, but the community in the vicinity of Nalanda.

Not forgeting the back yard, we tidied up the plot of land behind Nalanda House.