26 August 2010

25 August 2010 - Memorial Service of the Four Departed Dhamma Friends

Dear Sis. GG Tan, Julie Ang, Jennie Cheong and Lee Ah Yem,

You had individually lived a wonderful and cherishable life.  Today, we can proudly say to you, "Well-done, sisters.  Your well-lived lives will be well-remembered and celebrated."

May you all fare well in the next existence and be close to the Triple Gem. 

Sis. Buddhini, representing Nalanda Buddhist Society, gave a speech during the Memorial Service.
Celebration of lives with 'Lifetime Friendship' and 'Ever Shifting Universe'. 
The family members of the late sisters offered flowers to honour the Noble Triple Gem.
Pouring of water symbolises the transference of merits to the departed relatives and friends.
Offering of robes to the Sangha members in honour of their departed relatives.