24 September 2009

Nalanda Community Service Initiative 2009 - Phase 2 Completed!

Nandanavana, the Garden of Joyful Delight becomes reality!

Even though it was the long Hari Raya weekend, more than 50 members, devotees, and students of Nalanda Vidyalaya spent their holiday meaningfully by participating in the Nalanda Community Service Initiative 2009 to clean and green our immediate surroundings. Many people had brought along plants and gardening tools from home with the purpose of transforming the barren road shoulder in front of Nalanda Centre into a beautiful oasis of greenery.

After a full-day of hard-work under the sun and in the rain, our effort was paid-off by the truly altered landscape. Joy arose in our hearts while gazing at the newly created garden. We hereby share with you some photographs taken during and after the tree planting. We hope you too feel the delight, and rejoice over the services of the volunteers.

We fervently thank all individuals who have contributed directly or indirectly to the success of this project to clean and green our environment. Your generosity and effort to source for bricks, soil, plants, and to personally hand-build the garden have given life to Nandanavana.

Following this, we further need contributions of :
  1. organic fertilizers to nourish the plants and maintain a healthy garden;
  2. donations of pebbles and rocks for landscaping;
  3. more plants such as bougainvilleas, frangipani, flowering shrubs and ground cover.

The fertilizers, rocks and plants can be sent directly to Nalanda House. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to contribute towards this cause to enhance our environment for sentient beings and to green our home – Earth.

Thank you and Anumodana!

With metta,
Visakha Goh
Coordinator, Nalanda Community Service Initiative 2009

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