27 September 2009

Thank you all for a Great Walkathon!

28 September 2009

A sunny and crisp morning provided a spectacular backdrop for Nalanda Walkathon 2009 on 27 September 2009. About 700 walkers gathered at Bukit Jalil Recreation Park since first light, which was simply amazing. We are truly surprised by the turnout and also inspired by everybody’s enthusiasm to walk for Buddhist education.

The walkers started off with a group exercise before the flag-off. We are pleased to see that all participants were cooperative and disciplined throughout the event. Nalanda Vidyalaya students were stationed alongside the track and performed as cheerleaders for the walkers.

The first winner reached the finishing line 15 minutes after the flag-off, and all others determinedly completed the walk within an hour. Thereafter, the walkers flocked to redeem goodie bags and free beverages, and thronged the sales booths. Many children and adults, too, enjoyed themselves at the games stalls.

The event ended with a much awaited prize giving ceremony and lucky draw. The congregation cheered in recognition of the winners’ achievements. Anumodana!

Walkathon 2009 left behind joyful memories to all who had great fun and found meaning in supporting the noble cause of Buddhist education. In addition, it has created a wonderful opportunity for 750 registered participants, 200 donors and sponsors, and 100 volunteers to come together as one and successfully raised RM60,000 for the Nalanda Building and Development Fund. We sincerely thank all walkers, donors, supporters and volunteers who had taken part and made Walkathon 2009 a success. We look forward to your continued support and participation in Walkathon 2010!

Thank you and Sukhihotu.

With gratitude,
Nalanda Walkathon 2009

Walkers at the starting point

Let the race begin!

Champion of Category A

Champion of Category B

Champion of Category C

Champion of Category D

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