28 June 2009

Service Sunday on 28 June 2009 - Living Dharma

Devotees listened tentatively to Ven. Thich Linh Tan's elucidate explanation.

Venerable was explaining the wheel of life and illustrating how it relates to Living Dharma.

The President, Mr. Ee Kim Swee officially handed over the new building final progress payment to the previous owner, Mr. Lai. The building legal title can now be transferred to Nalanda Buddhist Society.

Building Technical Committee Chairman, Bro. Mittananda was reporting the new Dharma Centre renovation progress.

The 5th Hymn Singing Competition Secondary School Group Champion singers were sharing their joy and appreciation with all Nalandians.

Venerable presented Dharma books to Pustaka Nalanda.

Devotees were offering lunch dana to Venerable.

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