27 June 2009


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warmest greetings!

Many of you have witnessed the increasing number of educational activities
organized by Nalanda over the past 6 years. To accommodate the increasing number of people wanting to learn the Dhamma, Nalanda aims to complete the renovation of its 3-storey New Dharma Centre by the end of November 2009. We are in high spirits and harbour high hopes that the New Dharma Centre,with well-equipped seminar hall, lecture room and library, will serve as a better learning facility to benefit the entire Malaysian Buddhist community for many more years to come.

The building project costs RM2.3 million in total, ie RM0.6 million for
building, and RM1.7 million for renovation. As of now, we are short of almost RM1.3 million - a big sum for a small Society such as Nalanda. Nalanda members are now raising funds through organizing various events, besides soliciting donations from members, friends and the public.

Many of us have directly benefited from the educational programmes that
Nalanda is offering. Hence, if you share Nalanda’s vision and mission in holistic Buddhist education, integral human development and effective Dhamma propagation, the management committee is now appealing to you to lend a helping hand to realize this noble project.

You may help us in several ways:

1. Make monetary donations to the Building Fund

  • Monetary donations in cash/cheque can be given to Nalanda office or direct bank-in/transfer to Hong Leong Bank Berhad 1500-0013-212, payable to Nalanda Buddhist Society. (Note: For bank transfer, please quote Society’s registration no.1880-03-7). Thereafter, kindly mail/fax/email your transaction document to Nalanda for our record purpose.
2. Commit to pledge a sum of money every month for a period of at least 6 months
  • Please complete the pledging form and return to us by mail/fax/email. Our treasurer will contact you upon receipt of the form.
3. Assist us in upcoming fund raising events
  • The management committee has decided to organize the following 3 fund raising events in 2009. You are welcome to help in your own capacity.
  • Fund-raising Run on 27 September 2009 (Sunday)
  • Fund Raising Musical "The Smash Musical: I Have A Date with Spring" on 10 October 2009 (Saturday)
  • Pesta Nalanda on 25 October 2009 (Sunday)
4. Share this information with your friends/relatives and engage them to help too.
(Kindly forward this email to your Contact List)

If you have any queries, feel free to contact any one of us:
  • President cum Fund Raising Chairman: Bro. Ee Kim Swee (012-345-4448)
  • Vice President cum Building Project Chairman: Bro. Mittananda Chong (016-310-7640)
  • Secretary: Bro. Aggavamsa Wong (012-297-7479)
  • Assistant Secretary: Sis. Buddhini Tan (012-295-5245)
  • Treasurer: Sis. Felicia Khoo (013-341-5238)
Together, let us realize this noble mission. Thank you very much and Anumodana!

With metta,

The Management Committee
Nalanda Buddhist Society

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