06 April 2012

Have you read a book today?

Title : Borobudur : Golden Tales of the Buddhas
Author : John Miksic
Publisher : Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.
ISBN : 0-945971-90-7
Topic : Pilgrimage / Buddhist Sites

Let's explore the largest Buddhist monument in the world - Borobudur

Contents :
History and Archaeology
 Buddhism in Java
Building Borobudur
& others

Architecture and Symbolism
Borobudur as a Mountain
Borobudur as a Stupa
Borobudur as a Mandala
& others

The Reliefs
The Mahakarmavibhanga
The Jatakas and Avadanas
The Lalitavistara
& others

Photo 1 : An aerial view of Borobudur

Photo 2 : A gateway leading from one level to the next, with kala-makara motifs

Photo 3 : A Buddha figure with hands in the dhammacakra mudra,
representing the “turning of the wheel of the doctrine”


Special Announcement
Nalanda Institute is organising the 5-day Study Tour to Borobudur & Jogjakarta from 6 – 10 July 2012.  Besides getting to know and see Borobudur, participants will also learn about the artistic architectural wonders of ancient Buddhist civilizations, at the same time visit ancient and modern viharas (temples), and meet with local Buddhist communities in Jogjakarta, Solo and Klaten.

Interested?  Grab this opportunity and explore the ancient land of Buddhism in Indonesia.

For more information about the tour and how to apply for it, visit the tour posting at http://nalandabs.blogspot.com/2012/03/study-tours-pilgrimage.html or write to institute@nalanda.org.my