21 April 2012

Fly Our Buddhist Flag!

The International Buddhist Flag symbolises faith, global unity and world peace.  When we see it, we see the Buddhist ideal of loving-kindness and wisdom encompassed in the colours of the flag.  It serves as a reminder for all of us to tread the Noble Path mindfully and energetically, with deep gratitude to the Buddha, our Great Teacher.

In conjunction with the 2,600th Anniversary of Buddhism, Nalanda has prepared 1,000 pieces of superb quality locally made Buddhist flags for devotees to purchase and display at home.  Wesak Day is just around the corner now, so with faith, joy and blessings, let's Fly Our Buddhist Flag!  Get one from Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang or Nalanda Book Cafe in Sri Petaling today!  

Buddhist flag displayed in full glory at a devotee's house