28 April 2012

28 April 2012 - BPS068 True Significance of WESAK

In conjunction with the coming Wesak Day, Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama conducted the 3-hour short course on "True Significance of WESAK" which aimed to better inform the Buddhists on the true spirit of celebrating or observing Wesak.

"By knowing the Buddha's greatness and honourable personality, it is only befitting that we celebrate this Sacred Wesak Day mindfully.  We make it an occasion to learn, practise and understand Buddhism's lofty ideals, which highlight our potential for the highest contentment, peace and happiness" ~ 'The Significance of Wesak' information leaflet published by Nalanda Institute, 2008

Let us encourage our family members, relatives and friends to make this Wesak Day a meaningful day, for the well-being and happiness of oneself and others.