09 March 2012

Have you read a book today?

The Malaysian Buddhist community today is a dynamic one.  To ensure its continuous vitality and dynamism,  there has to be a healthy development in leadership and management of Buddhist organisations.  One of the organizational abilities to be acquired by Buddhist leaders is Mentoring skill.  Hence we introduce the book below for your reading.


Title: How to Mentor People and Allow Them to be Successful
Author: Steve Chandler and Duane Black
ISBN: 978-983-3830-58-9
Publisher: Advantage Quest Publication
Topic: Management and Leadership

Most managers today are “trapped” in their daily stressful detail of micromanaging that they have no life. This book helps us to create an organisation that functions and performs just as well or even better when we are not around. 

In today’s management leadership, it is about empowering people and allowing them to grow and prosper instead of building a team which can’t function without us. This will allow us to stay current on market trends as well as fine tuning our way of leading the team through innovative new services and continuous improvement of the processes in the system. 

This book teaches us how to inspire others instead of controlling them. Learn to trust people with greatness within them and help them unlock their potential. By helping them perform at a level they never imagined, you will become the inspiration behind your team’s success. 

Taking your power back
Redefining success for yourself
Using focus and intention
Questions leading to success
Inspired ideas lead to success
Practice finding an inner vision
Becoming available
Letting go of judgement
Creating results
& others

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