10 February 2012

Read a Dhamma book today

Book title : Opening the Door of Your Heart and other Buddhist Tales of Happiness
Author : Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso
Topic : Stories (Jataka tales, etc.) & Comics
ISBN : 0734406525

The book contains modern tales of hope, forgiveness, freedom from fear and overcoming pain.  The tales cleverly relate the timeless wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings and the path to true happiness.

One of the stories goes like this:
Someone calls you an idiot.  Then you start thinking, ‘How can they call me an idiot?  They’ve got no right to call me an idiot!  How rude to call me and idiot!  I’ll get them back for calling me an idiot.’  And you suddenly realize that you have just let them call you an idiot another four times.

Every time you remember what they said, you allow them to call you an idiot.  Therein lies the problem.  If someone calls you an idiot and you immediately let it go, then it doesn’t bother you.  There is the solution.  Why allow other people to control your inner happiness?

Other interesting stories include :
Two bad bricks
The child in the supermarket
Opening the door of your heart
The chicken and the duck
Predicting the future
A truck-load of dung
Being a dustbin
Drinking tea when there’s no way out
The cow that cried
& others


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