27 February 2012

26 February 2012 - Alavaka Sutta Commentarial Course

"Faith is here a man's best treasure;
Dhamma practised well brings happiness;
Truth is really the sweetest of all tastes;
One living by wisdom they say lives best."

Mr. Yong Song Kong - Lecturer of the Alavaka Sutta Commentarial Course.

The lecturer started off the course with group sharing on “What is this Sutta about?”

Participants discussed with each other about their understanding on the Alavaka Sutta.  For some participants, they were reading the sutta for the very first time.

Group representatives were called to present on their sharings.
Bro. Yong later clarified and explained the intention and purpose of the group discussion with its topic. 
He encouraged the participants to read from the text, and not to read into the text which tends to superimpose on what the Buddha has said to us.