12 February 2012

12 February 2012 - Service Sunday

Service commences with meditation and puja; preparing our minds for the Dhamma Talk.

Dhamma sharing from Sis. Au Yeong who is an avid volunteer.

Dhamma Talk "Happiness from Voluntary Service" by Dr.Phang Cheng Kar.

Should a person perform a meritorious action,
he should do it again and again;
he should find pleasure therein:
blissful is the accumulation of merit.
~ Dhammapada v.118 ~
Dr. Phang, a psychiatrist with HKL identifies 2 kinds of happiness; Sensual Happiness and Happiness from wholesome thoughts and actions. Sensual Happiness may be more intense but will soon develop tolerance thus the happiness wears off rather quickly. The later, though gives less intensity, it is more durable or long lasting.  We will therefore gain more durable happiness through volunteering our services - the wholesome actions!