13 January 2012

Read a Dhamma book today

Title : The Life of the Buddha
Author : Bhikkhu Ñānamoli
ISBN : 955-24-0063-52

It is in conjunction with the 1st session of the Monthly Dhamma Discussions on "Getting to know the Buddha" that we introduce the book to you.  

Contents :
The Birth and the Early Years
The Struggle for Enlightenment
After the Enlightenment
The Spreading of the Dhamma
The Two Chief Disciples
Anāthapindika, the Feeder of the Poor
The Formation of the Order of Nun
Old Age
The Last Year
The First Council, etc.

The book was composed entirely from the texts of the Pāli Canon, (which is commonly recognised as) the oldest, most complete, and most original collection of the Teachings of the Buddha.  It portrays an image of the Buddha which is vivid, warm, and moving, and thus gives life to the narration.  This book can inform or inspire.

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