23 December 2011

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Title : Dana - Giving and Getting in Pali Buddhism
Author :  Ellison Banks Findly
ISBN : 81-208-1956-x

Questions of how to properly acquire and use wealth, how to properly give and receive individuals and communal gifts, how to think about using and transferring merit, and what constitutes proper food, robes, lodging, and medicine are central to "Dāna".

Contents :
1. Buddhist Donation : A religious Response to a Changing World
2. Redefining Relationships : The New Donor
3. Resources to Requisites : Gifts to the Gone Forth
4. Giving Gifts
5. Receiving Gifts
6. Making, Using, and Transferring Merit
7. Renunciation and Property
8. Monastic Strategies for Encouraging Dāna: Curbing Misbehaviour and Generating Goodwill
9. The Renunciant as Facilitator: The Case of Ānanda

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