29 December 2011

1st January 2012 - Happy New Year

We wish you and your loved ones Happy New Year!

For the members of the School, this day also marks the 7th Anniversary of Nalanda Dharma School.

During the 1st Service Sunday on 1st January 2012, we will have a dialogue session with Ven. Man Ya, discussing about interpersonal well-being and social harmony.  Thereafter we will offer lunch to the venerable. You can bring vegetarian food for the lunch dana.


9.00am     Meditation, Puja & Chanting
9.30am     Hymn Singing / Speeches by President of NBS & Director of NDS
10.00am   Dialogue Session with Ven. Man Ya
11.30am   Lunch Dana
12.00pm   Lunch for Devotees

All are most welcome to join us for the 1st Service Sunday and start the year with performing wholesome activities.

Profile of Venerable Man Ya
Venerable Man Ya was born in Taiwan. She became very involved with Buddhism when she was in America. In December 1988 she was ordained at the Hsi Lai temple near Los Angeles. Since then she has taken up various roles in monastic life, including Director and Abbess of Buddhist centre and monasteries. To reach out to people from different cultures, she travels widely recently to continue her missionary works in Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, India, Dubai, France, and the US.

Ven. Man Ya also published many books on Buddhism in Chinese and her first English book "In Touch with Venerable Man Ya" was published in South Africa in 2003. The book deals with our everyday relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and how to make these relationships peaceful, rich, and rewarding. She also wrote articles for magazines and newspaper, focussing on different life skills, highlighting aspects of community work and social upliftment.