14 December 2011

11 December 2011 - Dedication Ceremony of Nalanda Happy Garden

Welcome to NEO - Nalanda Education & Outreach Centre @ Happy Garden! 

'NEO' literally means “new”.  It is a new centre catering to a large Buddhist community in the vicinity of Happy Garden, OUG, Kuchai Lama, Sri Petaling and Old Klang Road, providing a place for the community to learn and understand Buddhism.

11 December 2011 was the aupicious day when we dedicated the place to the Triple Gem, for the learning, practice and propagation of Buddha-Dhamma. 

The altar "Persada Sri Sambuddha Jayanti"

Bro. Choong Li leading the congregation in the opening salutation, taking the Three Refuges and observing the Five Precepts.

Mr. Lee Kong Foo, President of Nalanda Buddhist Society, giving a welcoming speech.

Dr. Oo, Chairman of the Buddhist Community Alliance (BCA) giving a speech.

Ven. Sri Saranankara presiding over the Dedication Ceremony of NEO .

Recitation of 'Jaya Mangala Gatha' by students of Nalanda Dharma School.

Mr. Lee Teck Beng, Vice President of Nalanda Buddhist Society giving a speech in Mandarin.

Pouring of water signifies the dedication of the place to the Buddhist community.

Devotees and Nalandians interacting after the Ceremony.

Interaction among the devotees at the Reading Lounge.

"If you care a lot about the world, give a little of your time."
NEO is a platform for us to learn and to contribute, thus making this world a better place.