27 November 2011

Read a Dhamma Book Today

Title : See it, Know it, Watch it go...
Author : Jeff Oliver
ISBN : 974-344-298-7

A Recipe for Wisdom

See it, means to pay attention to anything that naturally and predominantly occurs in your body and mind in the present moment.

Know it, means to try to understand whatever you pay attention to.  If you don't understand it this time, you will later on.  Keep trying, please be patient.

Watch it go, means to not only let it go but to continue to observe and know how your physical processes and mental states change, naturally.  All conditioned things are impermanent.  Whatever comes to be, ceases to be; this is a natural law.

Contents :

1. Vipassana Preparation and a Successful Retreat
2. The Four Elements
3. Thinking
4. The Five Hindrances or Five Friends
5. Anger
6. General Mindfulness

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