04 October 2011

Bhavana Day in November

Dear Friends,

The long-awaited three-day meditation retreat - Bhavana Day is coming on 25, 26, 27 November 2011.

In Ānāpānasati Sutta, Majjhima Nikaya 118, the Buddha addressed the Bhikkhus, "I am content, Bhikkhus, with this progress; I am content at heart, Bhikkhus, with this development,  Therefore, strive still more strenuously to attain the unattained, to achieve the unachieved, and to realize the unrealized… (Source: http://what-buddha-said.net/drops/V/Magnificent_Meditation.htm).  From here, we can get a glimpse of tranquility and encouragement to practise meditation.

We are glad to have Sayalay Susila to conduct the three-day stay-in meditation retreat at Tan Yew Lai Hilltop Buddhist Centre.

Sayalay Susila started her meditation during her university time in 1988.  In 1994, she began to learn Meditation, Abhidhamma, Suttas, and Pali from the renowned Pa Auk Sayadaw at Pa Auk Meditation Centre in Myanmar, where she continued to practise for 14 years.

The details of the retreat will be emailed upon confirmation of your registration. For registration, please email to bhavana@nalanda.org.my or call at 03-8938 1500 / 016-202 5319 (Sandra Yang).

Looking forward to see you in practising to attain abundance of peace and bliss.