28 October 2011

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book Title : Funny Monk’s Tales ( Short Stories with a Touch of Mindfulness )
Author : Ven. Sujiva
Topic : Stories (Jataka tales, etc) & Comics
Status : Available at Pustaka Nalanda

This book contains a collection of short stories on how mindfulness can play a role in one’s life.

The stories include :

1. Grandfather’s Grandmother’s Stories
2. Animal Farm Stories
3. The Twilight Zone : Ghost Stories
4. Love Stories
5. The Pious World: Stories of Faith
6. The Seeker’s Story

There is a difference between one who knows what mindfulness is and one who does not. Greater will be the distinction if he is one who really instills that practice into his life.

Pustaka Nalanda
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