14 October 2011

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book Title : The Wisdom of Sustainability – Buddhist Economics for the 21st Century
Author : Sulak Sivaraksa
Topic : Philosophy
Status : Available at Pustaka Nalanda

Based on decades of thought, writing and political leadership, The Wisdom of Sustainability outlines how economic success ought to be measured by Gross National Happiness, rather than Gross Domestic Product. Focussing on small-scale, indigenous and sustainable alternatives to globalization, Sulak Sivaraksa offers alternatives for restructuring our economics based on Buddhist principles and in a way that will promote personal development.

The book has 8 main chapters :
1. Heavenly Messengers
2. Creating a Culture of Peace
3. Development from the Bottom Up
4. Re-envisioning Education
5. Moral Governance
6. Real Security
7. Buddhism in a World of Change
8. The Breath of Peace

Excerpt : from Chapter 2 “Creating a Culture of Peace”
… To create a culture of peace, we must begin by acknowledging the violence in our own hearts and then learn to disarm it. Greed, hatred, or ignorance is at the core of every violent action. Wisdom and compassion are at the base of every act of non-violence…

Pustaka Nalanda
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