30 September 2011

NEO @ Happy Garden

“Holistic education for integral human development” - Considering the need to extend our educational services to a wider community, Nalanda Buddhist Society will be opening the first of its Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centres in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

NEO is a new concept, suburban community service and learning centre which aims to promote Buddhist activities and teachings in the neighbouring locale.

The NEO @ Happy Garden will offer the following services to the public :

1. Weekly Dharma Classes for school-going children
2. Free tuition classes under the Nalanda Free School Project
3. Meditation sessions with Dharma talks
4. Library and reading lounge
5. Periodic religious services, alms and robes offering to the Sangha.

For the planned educational services to be materialised and available to the public, we welcome your generous support and contribution in establishing the NEO @ Happy Garden.

You may donate any amount towards the cost of setting up the Centre, or choose to sponsor certain items listed in the “Sponsorship List”. Please click on the lists below.

Please indicate which item on the list you would like to sponsor. Kindly fill up the form and return it to Nalanda’s office at the address stated. Partial donation of items or a general donation of any sum is also welcome.

For enquiries, please call Nalanda Management Office at 03-8938-1500 or email to info@nalanda.org.my.

Volunteer Recruitment
Besides, there are various volunteering opportunities available at the new centre. You can volunteer as teachers for the free tuition classes, librarians, assistant administrators or helpers. Kindly contact Sis. Nandini at 03-8938-1501 or Bro. Pee Che Yong at 012-382-8806 for further details.