31 August 2011

31 August 2011 - K Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day & National Day

K Sri Dhammananda Memorial Day
After the  memorial talk by Bro. Tan in the morning, Bro. Lee Kong Foo and Lee Teck Beng representing the congregation in the gesture of sharing and transferring merits to the Late Chief Reverend, as well as to our departed relatives and friends.

 National Day
The congregation also took the opportunity to observe our nation's Merdeka Day by sharing the merits with all Malaysians, wishing all Happy National Day.
May our country and its people continue to prosper and progress in years to come!

Points for reflection : Independence or liberation must not confine only to physical entity, i.e. physical freedom from colonization, it has to be expanded to freedom or liberation of mind.  This self-acquired ‘power’ can definitely be achieved through training and discipline.