16 August 2011

21 August 2011 - Service Sunday & Memorial Service

Date: 21 August 2011, Sunday
Time : 9.00am - 11.30am
Programme : Meditation, Puja & Chanting, Dhamma Sharing, Memorial Service

Dhamma Sharing
Speaker : Ms. Low Mi Yen
Title : Synergize
(According to Stephen Covey, 'Synergize' is the habit of creative cooperation. It is teamwork, open-mindedness, and adventure of finding new solutions to old problems)

Profile of the speaker (Source: http://www.klbmha.com/) :
Low Mi Yen is a clinical psychologist with more than 12 years of experience. Her area of expertise includes Organizational Consultation, Change and Transition Management, Work Life Balance Program, Leadership and Coaching, Psychological Assessment and Intervention for Adolescents, Adults, Couple and Family. She is a Life member of Malaysian Mental Health Association, a Life Associate member of Malaysian Psychiatric Association and the Vice President of Malaysian Buddhist Mental Health Association (BMHA). She is also an Advisor to BGF Counselling Unit and YBAM PELITA Psychological and Guidance Unit.

Memorial Service
In memory of our departed relatives and friends, and with special tribute to the late Sis. Tan Guat Gnoh, Sis. Julie Ang Ee Lee, Sis. Jennie Cheong Swee Chun and Sis. Lee Ah Yem.

Welcome to join us on this Sunday morning!