10 August 2011

14 August 2011 - Service Sunday

Dear members and devotees,

Warmest greetings.

After five Service Sundays with Bro. HS Tan who has explained the Eight Core Values and 'SERVICE' as a Buddhist way of life, this Sunday, we will explore another core value in more detail.

'SADDHA' or faith plays an important role in making the Buddhist life meaningful. It is about having the right understanding and deep confidence in the Buddha-Dhamma. It is the force that drives devotees to Buddhist centre or temple, make offerings, listening to the Dhamma and practising it.

To know more about 'SADDHA' and ways to cultivate Buddhist faith, Sis. Tan Yee Yong will join us for this coming Service Sunday and share with us on "Cultivation of Faith in Daily Life".

The Service Sunday will start at 9am with meditation, puja and chanting. The Dhamma sharing will follow after. We welcome you to join the congregation to rekindle or increase our faith in the Buddha-Dhamma.

Thank you.


The Eight Core Values :

1. Compassion - being kind and supportive of others in our thoughts, speech and conduct

2. Courage - being strong and determined in the face of adversities and challenges in life

3. Respect - being respectful of our elders, teachers, fellow practitioners, and all sentient beings

4. Integrity - living by righteous means, principles and values

5. Service - living not just for ourselves, but for the welfare of others as well

6. Faith - having right understanding and deep confidence in the Buddha-Dhamma

7. Learning - continuous learning, growth and improvement as an individual and as a community

8. Reflection - living mindfully and purposefully towards liberation from afflictions