01 May 2011

8th Anniversary Message from the Management Committee

Nalanda Buddhist Society was established on 1st May 2003.  This year, we are marking the 8th Anniversary of the Society.

Much progress and many notable achievements have been accomplished in these years by our members, devotees and benefactors working unitedly with diligence and common understanding.

We shall continue to strive for improvements in the programmes and activities we organize, and endeavour to serve the community even better.  There is much to be done in the areas of Buddhist education and propagation, and thus, we need great commitment from members and support from the public.

This Wesak (B.E.2555) also marks the 2,600th Anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment and His preaching of the Dhamma.  As such, let’s renew our spirit to study, practise, understand and appreciate this precious Buddha-Dhamma for our salvation, and at the same time, revive our missionary spirit to help all sentient beings in striving for liberation.

Nalanda thank you appreciatively for these eight wonderful years.  Together, we shall strive on more diligently to serve the world!

Anumodana! Bhavatu sabba mangalam.

With metta,
The Management Committee

Heart at Peace, World in Bliss !