24 March 2011

27 March 2011 - Bhavana Day

We welcome you to participate in this one-day meditation retreat.  This retreat is suitable for beginners as well as for those who would like to devote oneself to one-day mindfulness practice after the six busy working days. The retreat will be held on this Sunday, 27 March 2011, 9am – 5pm at Nalanda Centre. It will be conducted by Bhikkhuni Ayya Santini from Indonesia.

The programme of the retreat and the profile of the Venerable Ayya are appended below :


8.15 - 8.45am   Registration

9.00am             Offering & Observance of Five Precepts or Eight Precepts 

9.15am             Instructions to meditation 

9.30am             Meditation practice 

11.00am           Lunch dana for Ayya / Luncheon for participants 

12.30pm           Meditation practice / Personal interview session

3.30pm             Tea break

4.15pm             Meditation practice

5.00pm             Sharing & transference of merits 
                         End of retreat

Profile of Venerable Ayya Santini

Ven. Ayya Santini is a well-known and energetic Dhammaduta in Indonesia. Before taking the full bhikkhuni ordination in 2000, she spent several years as an Anagarini, and inspiring people with her Dhamma talks. She counts among the first Theravadin bhikkhunis from Indonesia in the modern era. She is currently the Abbess of a vihara in Lembang, West Java.

Ayya Santini specialises in training children and youth in meditation and monastic living. She runs camps several times a year, besides drawing hundreds to her periodic talk shows held in major cities throughout Indonesia.

We welcome you to participate in the retreat and discover the path to wisdom.

To register for the retreat, please email your full name and contact no. to bhavana@nalanda.org.my. To enquire for details, please call Sis. Sandra at 016-202-5319 or 03-8938-1500.